Consultation and planning



Job coordination


We approach each new installation as if it were our own office system. Because your time is valuable we work quickly while making sure the job is done right.

Cabling and Installation
After all plans have been approved we prepare for installation by laying the cable and installing the routers and switches that will be needed for communication. If needed we can interface with Telecommunications companies and Internet service providers to help establish links to the outside world.

The File Server, being the heart of your system, is set up and the software is loaded at our Engineering Center. Here we have the latest technology available to build a server adaptable to client needs. Peripheral devices such as tape backup units are also installed and tested here.

Any other hardware upgrades are then taken care of. We can upgrade your existing workstations or supply quality new machines should they be required. We prepare everything in advance so that the installation will be non-disruptive to your normal work schedules.

Once the server has been transported to the client site it is set up and all workstations are configured and the proper application software is installed. Any irregularities are quickly sought out and corrected.