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If your company has a specific problem which needs to be dealt with but you haven't got the resources or the time to deal with it, SimNet is there to help you.

Network Analysis and Documentation
One of the most important aspects of network management is accurate documentation of a network. A complete inventory of every piece of hardware and software pertaining to the network is made and all standard procedures currently being adopted will be fully documented. Any gaps in the network procedure will be identified and resolved and troubleshooting will be simplified because of the availability of the Network configuration in hardcopy format.

Virus Prevention
Computer viruses do destroy data and over a period of time, if not detected, viruses can do irreparable damage and waste months and months of staff time. SimNet consultants will run a check on the network for known viruses, eradicating any that are found. Checking of new software being loaded and installation of RAM resident anti virus software on all machines will help to prevent any future virus infection.

Employee Training
In order to get the most out of your network your employees need to be properly trained. Low utilization of computer related equipment will add up to a low return on your IT investment. SimNet Consultants are available for on-site training sessions where your employees will gain the knowledge and confidence to make the best use of the new hardware and software.

Network Security
Almost every computer network is at risk from unauthorized infiltration. A security investigation will check the current level of security on a network and highlight weak areas. A list of recommendations will then be drawn up, detailing steps to be taken to ensure complete data integrity. We can help set up your system with the latest in firewall technology to give you the peace of mind knowing that your system is air-tight.

System backup and Disaster Planning
The dangers posed by unauthorized entry and virus infection are not the only perils your network will face. Data loss through hardware failure has become all too common as people depend on data stored on the server's hard disk. Being a mechanical device that spins at incredible speeds a hard drive can be prone to failure. A well planned backup and archival system will minimize the impact of hardware failure.

Software Upgrades
In the fast changing world of Information technology it is difficult to keep up with the latest versions of the most widely used software programs. Simnet will help you plan software upgrades so that all your workstations will have the most recent versions of application software.

Hardware Sales
Through our suppliers we are able to obtain the latest and best computer hardware and have it delivered to your work site. SimNet is an authorized reseller of Compaq computer systems. If requested, a SimNet consultant is available to help in setting up new computer equipment. Whether you need new workstations or an entire network, SimNet will help you to fill all your hardware needs.

SimNet reccomends Servcorp Japan K.K. for those clients who need a temporary office space while deciding on a permanent location for their company.

Servcorp Japan K.K. - AIG Bldg., 1-1-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Tel: 03-5288-5100